TransLux — freight transport management system

TransLux is a convenient and easy-to-use software for a freight transportation company, developed for you by the Pancodix software solutions studio. A transport management system (TMS) that automates the entire business chain of freight transportation, from client search to order fulfillment.

The system is designed for:

  • tracking the location of cars in real time;
  • automatic analysis incoming offers from load boards;
  • automatic search of free cars closest to the load;
  • organization of dispatcher`s workflow, automation of routine procedures;
  • quick creating and sending bids to freight owner/ broker;
  • automatic notifications to freight owner/ broker about how the order proceeds and the current location of the cargo;
  • supervising the execution of orders by drivers.

How it works?

Trucks tracking

No additional devices — only driver`s phone. All drivers install a special application (iOS or Android) on their phones. The application periodically exchanges information with the server. If the driver sets the status “available” in the application (that is, ready for a new task), the application periodically sends his location to the server (the server can also ask the driver's device about his location). The information collected in this way is compared with a geographic database, and is presented to the dispatcher either visually, in the form of a map (using the Mapbox service), or in the form of a table, where the location of cars is indicated by the nearest settlement. Thus, the dispatcher at any time sees where the machines at his disposal are.

Incoming mail handling

The mail subsystem is capable to analyze incoming mail in real time, even if the flow is over 100 messages per minute. Since each load board has its own e-mail format, the system adapts to the format of the mailings required by the customer at the stage of setting up the ready-made solution. The analyzed array of information is presented to the dispatcher in an ordered tabular form. From this data, information about the geographic position of the waiting cargo is extracted and compared with the position of free vehicles. The dispatcher immediately sees whether there are free vehicles near this or that cargo, and at what distance the nearest vehicle is.

Sending bids

Since the system automatically provides the dispatcher with information about which free vehicles are close to loads, the dispatcher can quickly decide which offers should be dealt with first. Having opened an offer, the dispatcher can quickly calculate the real mileage, transportation cost and driver's remuneration, and send a bid to the freight owner (broker) directly from the offer processing form. You will be the first to bid your services to the client, therefore you will most likely bypass your competitors.

Execution control

After an order is created and a machine is assigned to it, the system automatically controls:

  • whether the car makes it to the loading point by the specified time;
  • whether the driver can maintain average ground speed;
  • whether the driver makes it to the destination by the specified time.

The dispatcher sees late cars in his terminal highlighted in color, which allows him to make operational decisions (for example, ask the driver to accelerate; or assign another car if the driver cannot be in time to load). The driver in his mobile application reports the stages of order fulfillment: arrived at the loading point, departed, arrived, unloaded. The system automatically sends e-mail notifications to the freight owner/broker about the stages of order fulfillment; and also at specified intervals, reports on the current location of the cargo.

What does it do?

Efficiency of dispatchers

The system automatically solves the tasks of analyzing incoming offers and searching for free vehicles that can quickly reach the place of loading and take the cargo. This frees up the dispatcher for other operations, increases the speed of processing incoming information. The system automatically informs the customer about the stages of the order fullfilment and the current coordinates of the cargo. The dispatcher is thus freed from routine mail exchange with the customer. The passage of the route is visualized for the dispatcher on the map, with timestamps of the passage of checkpoints. This gives the dispatcher the possession of operational information in a visual form.

Fleet efficiency

The system automatically finds free vehicles that are close to the load. Thus, the idle time of machines while waiting for the load is minimized, and the risk of the machine being late to the place of loading is also reduced. Tracking the location of machines occurs automatically at specified intervals; it is also possible to update the location of any vehicle at any time. The driver, using the mobile application, reports (touching a button) on arrival at the place of loading, departure, arrival, unloading. This information is recorded and automatically forwarded to the customer. The extra information is also provided: the amount of cargo, the number of the waybill, the person responsible for loading / unloading, etc.

Program interface

The dispatcher's terminal is built as a web application, which makes it possible to use it on any computer with any operating system, in any modern web browser. The terminal interface is quite intuitive and does not require high qualifications to quickly become familiar to it.

Vehicles catalog

This is where the accounts of the existing trucks are managed.

Available vehicles

The operator sees the available vehicles in a tabular form and on a map, the main properties of the vehicles, their location and the relevance of geo-information.

Incoming offers

The operator sees information from load boards in an ordered state. The system also displays the availability of free vehicles nearby, and the distance to the nearest one.

Sending a bid

Having opened an incoming offer, the operator sees the available nearest vehicles, one of which he chooses. The system immediately calculates the mileage. The operator only needs to determine the price and quickly send an offer to the broker.

Active orders

The operator sees all active orders. The system highlights cars that are late. The route of any order is visualized on the map, with displaying the passage time.

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